Trading Hours for Dollars

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Trading Hours for Dollars.
It’s a common tactic, it’s the most common of all for pretty much everyone.  It’s typically referred to as “getting a job.”

There’s a flaw with this, in that you’re not only sacrificing your hours for a few dollars.   You end up sacrificing your thoughts, your spirit, your soul.  The greater things that you have inside that just can’t be accounted for by any monetary figure.   If you stay at it too long, you’ll find yourself empty.

It’s one of the things you don’t realize is happening, but after a year, two years, three years, maybe forty, you look back and think “where did all the time go?”  You might find yourself surrounded with more luxurious items, adorned with fancy clothes and jewelry but completely void of all the spirit and heart that you started the journey with .

It’s not always this way, it’s not a universal truth or necessary evil of all jobs, no.   It is, however, the common experience for many.    There are a few methods to get around it.

You can start your own business, this is very demanding, often more so then having a job.  There is a key difference though, it’s a constant learning experience and period of self-discovery where you must ask yourself important questions to make decisions for the better of the business.  They’re not always the right decisions and that’s okay, life’s not always right, but often you’ll find everything is okay.

Though it may take up all your time, you’ll find yourself awake with more energy, excited to get more work done, to get to that next e-mail, call that next client, make that next doo-dad, whatever it is you’ve done to find yourself self-employed and call yourself the boss, it’s exciting, it’s invigorating, at times down-right terrifying, but definitely worth it.

You could ultimately get a career in a field that you’re passionate about, I find a lot of struggle in this and I imagine most might as you must know what your passionate about.  Some people have it cut and dry and know from day one exactly what they’re in love, but most of us don’t.   Again, this comes with the journey of self-discovery that we all must make.

So the question you really have to ask yourself when you get out of bed to trade your hours for dollars in the morning, isn’t “how much is my time worth?”  It’s how much of your soul are you willing to give away and never get back.

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