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Starting this post was a battle in its own.

“Your stories aren’t good enough” sent me on a 30 minute quest to be a better story teller, True, there may be helpful resources out there, but nothing quite as good as practice.

“I’m not focused enough” took me down a 10 minute trip of getting a cup of tea, to get in the writing mood and spirit of penmanship.

Was it necessary?  None of it ever is, the important part is putting the pen to the paper, the fingers to the keyboard, the click to the clack.   In a world where I anticipate everything to be perfect, a master plan laid out before any work begins, it’s not always true.   Maybe that’s tapping into the creative side, do artists spend a lot of time planning before jumping into their work, a question I know not the answer to.

These past few days I’ve been making an effort to be more mindful of one thing in particular: my anger.   It seems that as the day went by, I would find myself chasing a rabbit hole of thoughts and feeding a very angry wolf, ultimately preventing any work from ever beginning.   I would get so worked up about something I would forget what the original thought was entirely.

I enjoy the game Minecraft.  In this game you can, well, mine.   One of the rarer stones to come by is the Diamond Ore, it’s a grey stone with little specks of light blue spattered throughout it.   In the quest for customizing my environment, I decided to make a Minecraft lamp that twinkled in the night.   This process in itself isn’t that hard, you get some wood, make a box, carve out little sqaures for a blue transparency or acrylic that fits in the reciprocating holes and put a light bulb in the center.

On the journey to come to this conclusion, I had convinced myself that I needed an arduino project board.   This is the beginning of a series of excuses that prevented me from starting the project and ultimately leaving me locked in a state of anger, where I sat festering for a time, before I realized I had completely forgotten about the project.

The heart of this problem, excuses.  They are deterrents that will run you down a rabbit hole so deep you can’t even see the light anymore and it got me wondering, how many opportunities in life have I passed up because of an excuse that worked just right?  How many businesses never start because of an excuse in the way ?  (We cant do X because we don’t have Y).

There lies the difference between two types of people, the ones who makes excuses and the ones who get things done.   The ones who make excuses, only have excuses to share.  When triumphant after completing a task, where once there would have been excuses, there are now stories.   They usually start with something such as “Did I ever tell you about a time when?” and a series of events that were in the way of the hero completing their task, but they didn’t stop the hero, no.   The hero prevails.

Be the hero, slay the excuses, tell a story when you’re done.

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