I submitted my two weeks notice!

Today February 14, 2017 is the day that I submitted my two weeks! A couple weeks ago I had that little bit of nervousness that everyone has when making a big jump. Going from something stable, safe and secure to something completely unknown and bring determination, hard work and positivity with you. Of course I know the direction we’re going and I know what the plan is, but the main thing I need to focus on is being effective and doing as much as possible in the six months that I do have. The most important thing is to have no expectations. I can’t control the outcome but I can control how much hard work I put in.

To some this may seem crazy, scary or too risky. I know my Dad prefers that I set up my business on the side then make a smooth transition over. I strongly believe that it’s about opportunity being present and taking that opportunity to work on something I want to do and strongly believe in. Pete my cousins husband think’s I’m a little drastic but he’s letting me move in with them for six months at the end of February so that has to say something. My mom believes in me and my abilities, she’s always supported me. Marina my fiancée strongly believes in me. For the last eighteen months she has been letting me work on business related projects and held things down while I work on improving myself and skillset. I recently learned that the famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor has the exact same support from his girlfriend and I believe that a woman who believes in you and allows you to work on your self is a woman you should keep for a life time. My best friend Doug constantly reminds me of all our projects and experiences we’ve had together that turned out to be a major success anytime we set our minds to something and gives me the reassurance I need to know we’ll be just fine. My good friend Andrew believes in my capabilities as he’s watched me grow over the years and mature as an adult. And myself? Of course I believe in what I’m doing and I know we will make it. I think everyone has those feelings of uncertainty and nervousness when making any big life decision but I think it’s normal and I think it’s alright to have those feelings.

One thing I’ve learned from Conor McGregor is to stay calm. That’s something I’ve been practicing the last couple of days. Staying calm no matter what the situation is. When you’re nervous, stressed and afraid, it shuts down the front part of your brain that allows you to do all you’re critical thinking. So along as you stay calm you can continue to solve problems. I’m honestly feeling confident. I feel very happy and it feels good. I’m great at what I do don’t get me wrong but I am burned out. I’m not happy with my current job but when I submitted my resignation at 8:41am, it felt fucking amazing. I felt free, I felt the stress of the world lift up off my shoulders. Soon there will be a new beginning and a new start to the next chapter of my life.

June or July or 2016, I had interviewed for a Desktop Support Role in Ballantyne, NC. They were going to pay me $50,000 salary and the job was much easier than what I am doing now. I interviewed twice. Once with the manager and once with the CIO. I killed bother interviews. However somehow the recruiter never got back to me. She wouldn’t answer my calls or my emails. I called the company and left a voicemail and nothing. At the time I was upset. I thought I was out of WSSU. It’s alright though because I kept my head down and went back to work, working on business related projects and continued to learn. Eight months later and I officially submitted my two weeks and things are feeling much better versus back then when I was going to submit my two weeks. This time I have a purpose, I have goals and I have motivation with hard work to back it up. When I listen to podcasts and they say “Oh you need to have this and have that in your life etc.” I have those characteristics and qualities that I did not have eighteen months ago. Everything has finally lined up for me, it’s only a matter of time before we make it. I have a great feeling about everything and to be honest I’m not as nervous as I was, I’m more calm and confident. I’m going to be positive and not have expectation and only control what I can control.

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