Shoot First, Aim later.

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Quick!  What’s the last thing you’ve done today?

Chances are if you’re reading this, it wasn’t much.   You might be procrastinating right now!

A lot of the complication in beginning a task usually comes with the plan, we generally never really get to that stage.  If you’re a person like I am, that gets easily overwhelmed by looking at the project as a whole, this might lock you in a state of procrastination to keep your mind from thinking about the project as it induces anxiety or helps to break things down.

It helps to break things down to formulate the plan, but that’s not this is about.  This about the stage before planning, this is about getting started.   The problem with formulating a plan is you need a semblance of what the task might be like.  This is where you shoot.  Without a plan, with nothing more than knowledge of the task needing to be done, shoot.  Do a thing, the first thing.  Don’t write the plan, don’t think about the plan, just do whatever the first step in your head might be.

By shooting first, you’ll begin to immediately grasp the situation and control where your “bullet” (thought/task) is going.   You’ll understand what isn’t helping the project and you’ll be able to adjust the course and aim.



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