Update 3/7/17

It’s been about two weeks since the last post. Since then a lot has happened. I resigned from IT job at the university and I have also moved out of my appartment to move in with my cousin and her husband for six months while I work with Doug to get BeeSocial off the ground. Today is my fourth day working together with Doug on BeeSocial. To be honest, ever since I left my job and the apartment complex, A majority of my stress has been lifted off my shoulders.

Having a full time job and being committed to a year lease, really put me in a bad place financially. It put me in a position where I felt completely helpless. I was living pay check to pay check with $200 – $300 to save every month, if I only drove to work and back the whole month. No visiting family, going to see friends, no eating out, no buying cigarettes, no nothing. At the beginning of February the bank had pulled $720 from my account and used it to pay off a bank credit card that I had past due for a couple years. I went to the bank 24 times over a two year period which is once a month for two years. Not once did a bank representative try to say “Hey Aaron, We noticed you owe some money on a credit card, would you like to set up a payment plan to avoid funds being taken from your checking?”. I understand it was my responsibility to pay of the debit and to set up the plan and I guess you could say to be more proactive. But for a bank who claims to have such wonderful customer service they couldn’t even do such. Anyways back to the story. Now having $720 less at the beginning of the month (I got payed the last day of January and was pretty much broke on February 2nd) meant I had to either pay my apartment complex or pay for my car. I called the apartment complex to see what I could do and sure enough after 10 days of being late I would have to pay 10% interest on the over all monthly bill plus the monthly bill. If I didn’t do that, then they would take me to court and make me pay court fees then evict me. I ended up paying the apartment in full seeing how my lease was up March 1,2017.  My car payment went unpaid the month of February.

A few days later I filed my taxes. I was so excited. This money was going to for sure float me for 6 months meaning I could pay my car payment of $430 including insurance and pay rent with is $250 a month. I had enough money for food and money to travel 400 miles per week for six months. I filed on February 2,2017. It was now February23,2017. Dogs girlfriend had already gotten her taxes back and filed on February16,2017. I was a bit in shock that I hadn’t received my taxes yet. A few days went by, constantly using the IRS “Where’s my refund?” tool and then I got an update. My federal tax refund had been used to pay off my past due student loans… All the money I was going to float on was used to pay my student loans which I had just set up a payment plan to get out of collections. I called the collections agency and they said that even if I had started this rehabilitation program a couple months earlier it could not have saved me. It takes 9 months to get out of collections. They recommended I call the Board of Education to see if there was anyway I could get my refund back .I called them and sure enough there was no way. Apparently I got a letter in October 2016 about setting up a payment plan to avoid this situation. I don’t recall getting it, maybe I received it and skimmed over it. All in all, it was my absolute fault. There was nothing I could do but accept it as it is and use it as motivation to work even harder.

From all the entrepreneurs podcast I listened to, the successful ones said they went through hardships and always had their backs up against the wall. It gave them the fire to work hard and get through the struggle no matter how bad the situation was. This is the exact position that Doug and I are in. We both have our backs up again the wall. But I could much rather have my back up again the wall than to deal with the stress of being stuck living pay check to pay check, working at a job where I can not stand my manager or the people around me ( There were a few people I enjoyed)  just to pay off my bills and have no money to go hang out, eat out once in a while or have the opportunity to make more money.  The cost of opportunity in a full time job being stuck in a lease is very very low. How are you going to find the time to make more money? Save up for a couple of months and force your self to study whatever certification or take a class that you honestly have very little interest in, in hopes of passing to make a couple extra thousand a month? That seemed like the only way to get experience. Or you could use your free time to network and go meet people in your industry to search for opportunity. But either way you have to sacrifice your free time or family time to better your self for a couple of months just to put your self into a better position. Thats where I was at not too long ago. Exactly 18 months ago, Doug and I decided we were going to pursue business. We had an idea of where we wanted to go but was not sure how to get there. We knew we had to figure it out and take the time to learn how to do the things we wanted to do. So we started different projects and used that 18 months to experiment and dabble into different business ventures. That 18 months of learning and experiment with business was my “Side Hustle”. I used 18 months of family time to come home from work and work on my side hustle. I would go to bed anywhere from 11pm to 1am. Wake up at 6am, be at work at 8am, get home by 6pm and repeat the process.

Even though I don’t have my “Comfort” I have enough to get started. I have a Straight talk iPhone 5s  and I borrow a computer from drugs girlfriends daughter. Doug also let me borrow a Google Chrome Computer. I have a place to stay and enough money to hold off a month or two. I’m with Doug and we’re in the same damn boat. I’ve learned to live with very little recently. I don’t need a Tv, playstation, the newest shoes out clothing. I don’t need the next hottest thing. I got my Fiancee who absolutely and 100% support me and my dreams. I got my best friend who believes in what we are doing. I have my Cousin and her Husband who allowed me to move in because they knew I had a goal and knew I was passionate about it. I have a few friends who support the journey I’ve been on.  My parents over all support me and my fiancee’s parents overall support us. Of course the parents are worried, but you know what? I am setting up my foundation for my fortune. I have to do this. If I’m going to be working, I have to be working for my self and setting up my multiple streams of income. I have my support group, I have the stress removed from my life, now I can strictly focus 100% on building this business. It’s not hard. There’s a good bit of work for two people to handle but that’s fine. I’d rather be doing this than working at my full time job where I just wanted to collect the check. Now I’m in the right position to go out and make how ever much money it is that I want to make. I can work as hard as I want to. I can learn what I want to. “The distance between dream and reality is called action.” Credit goes to whoever wrote that quote. But action is the only thing that separates you and I from our dreams and from making our dreams a reality. ACTION! That means going and doing something, not sitting around thinking. ACTION!

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