Update 4/27/17

It  has been quite some time since my last blog post. Doug and I are going into month number three of entrepreneurship. There has been so many things going on the past two months. I have also experience stress while driving home over the last month, but I am feeling much better now! We’ve moved in yet another direction as the days change along with our thoughts and mindsets. All in all everything has been great thanks to the love and support of our families and very close friends.

At the beginning of March, we had discovered that we spent the last month looking for potential leads (Clients) on indeed.com and craiglists, that were not the right fit. We realized that being a start up company  with one client and very little of a portfolio, that it was difficult to get companies on board because you had to have a portfolio and it was hard to get in touch with the decision makers at bigger companies. We saw a local social media management company doing well and by well I mean having 8 plus clients. Their client base was local restaurants. That was the “Ah Ha” moment. It made sense.  I contacted the owner of a Japanese / Thai restaurant that I had worked for two years ago and he said to “Come on in and pitch him”. I still have not gone in, I tried stopping by once or twice but he was not in due to family or other reasons. I am hesitant because I am not sure if he will be a good fit or not based on previous experience with the owner. I tried reaching out to the owner of a pizza restaurant who had three locations but at the rate things are going, the relationship will need to be built. I still want to stop by and visit the owner of a Mexican restaurant with three locals as well just haven’t made it a priority yet. Last week I had met up with an owner of a local brewery. I was not as talkative as I would have liked to been but in general I am a quite person unless I know you, thank God Doug was there to talk it up, I make things work! I am unsure of where we stand, he said he wanted to get the ball rolling but we yet to receive payment. It’s been a week and I just sent him a message on linked, we’ll see what happens. Oh and before that I almost had a client doing PPC for them but the owner of the business wanted to move a bit fast and did not really understand that it takes sometime and is strategic plus optimization. OH well I am not in low spirits because if they were a good fit meaning I did not feel negative in anyway when working with the client or we were not on the same page with realistic progression. I want a client that’s friendly and pleasant to be around and who is understanding and easy to work with. I know I shouldn’t be so picky but I do not want to be in a bad position and I feel the clients will come naturally that I enjoy working with. I don’t want to be desperate and work with every client that is not a good fit and at the end of the day makes my life a little more stressful. So that’s what happened over the last month in a nut shell plus I sold my couch to make my car payment! Haha I am making things work!

At the beginning of April, we decided to go full force on our software company.  We are making a new social media management tool that solves the current pain points and frustrations of social media managers and marketers. We made a google survey to collect some information for market validation and research. I spent all of April talking to social media managers and marketers and even got a process going on to gain leads! My survey is at 50 user submission and our developer wants us to crank it up to 500 user submission which is fine by me because the more the Mary! So in the mean time Doug and I are going to crank up the Easy shop to I believe 300 and something items. The current 35- 39 items are brining in 15,000 visits a month! On top of that we’d like to find some clients for social media management and dedicate 8 days out of the whole month to make our money as we keep on with the development of our software! All in all we are doing great thing!

So the last month I have had panic attacks while driving, pretty much be subconsciously  getting stressed and hyperventilating while driving. Yes it was all in my head and I am better now! Yes I do live in my head more than I would like to. I am working on being more present, staying of social media and being more thankful. I started feeling better the other day when I spoke to my friend Andrew who has recently had things start “Clicking for him”. He said something along the lines of “You are smart, you are building a business from the ground up with no help at all (Besides Doug) and have nothing to show for. But if you keep at it you are going to make it and good things will happen” That is very true. And on top of that I recently left a career that I was miserable at. I am more happy and free than I have ever been over the last five plus years of my life. I am always looking for things to move faster in hopes of getting money in my pockets to cover the bills and necessities. But I am running a marathon not a sprint. We have to keep our heads down and work with as little distraction as possible. We have to stay strong and believe in what we are doing. We have to stay consistent and we have to figure everything out as we go along our journey!


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