(I originally posted this back in 2012, on blogger.  I’m consolidating my online content here.)

Not the beginning of the project, just the beginning of recording the project.

I haven’t made any noticeable headway until this point, so I’ve decided to start recording the progress and sharing it with the world.

The beginning of what?

A 3d printing empire, or an aluminum forge at least.  I’ve decided I wanted a 3d printer.  Ever since I first saw the technology and what it is capable of, then learned I can have it in my own house, I became enthralled.  I can’t afford to spend 700+ dollars buying parts to build a common model, or purchasing a pre-built one.  So I’ve decided to build my own.


I figure I can make it a lot cheaper.  Sourcing the parts is really expensive.  If I can create all the parts myself, in house, then all I need is the raw material to create each individual piece.  This will dramatically reduce costs.  I’ve decided to start with an aluminum forge to melt a frame together.  (From soda cans)

What’s next?

Building a plastic recycling machine, ordering circuit boards, assembling a 3d printer prototype, creating funding.

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