Winds of Change

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2018 brings the ever-present winds of change and a lot of self-realization.

2017 was a tremendous year, a year in which my friends ventured into entrepreneurship with me, which we grew our business ten thousand percent and ultimately let it slip away as we learned a lot of what not to do.

Taking some time to reflect in the beginning of this year has really helped drive focus and help internalize a lot of the events that have been unfolding around me while giving me some clarity as what the future might hold.

I haven’t, for any time that I can consider had any tangible goals.   I’ve had this long-term goal of going to space and it’s become apparent on how to get there and what my next steps might be as well as what role I need to play in them.  I had the thought that by upgrading various machines around the shop in conjunction with each other and pushing the needle a little bit closer towards aerospace manufacturing would certainly help achieve that goal.

It’s occurred to me recently, that I need more knowledge to complete this space quest, so I’ve decided to start a journey back into the realm of education.    My first run through education was a completed degree (A.A.S) from ITT Technical Institute in 2012, unfortunately that facility wasn’t accredited and none of my credits transfer, so I’ll need to be starting from scratch, once again.  This however, isn’t so bad.  It gives me a long goal to focus on and bring cohesion to my dreams as well as nudge them closer to realization.  Pursuing some form of engineering, while sharpening my own skills and projects and chronicling them here as well.

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